National Award Winning Director Kranti Kanadé’s new feature film 'Peepal Tree' is set to release in New York and Los Angeles on October 1st 2021. It deals with the issue of illegal Tree killings. Kranti's earlier film ‘CRD’, now on Netflix, released in US and India to rave reviews by Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Reporter, LA Weekly, Screen Anarchy, NDTV, Times Of India, Indian Express, Film Companion, Scroll, Firstpost and others. Namrata Joshi in The Hindu says, “It boldly goes where no Indian film has gone before.” Many major film critics in India have called it a path-breaking film, unlike any seen before.

"Indian film 'CRD' enchanting, audacious, indefinable & infectious."  
- Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times

"Entrancing, vibrant, irreverent, category-defying! Kanadé an assured visual stylist!"
- Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

"Allusive, elusive and by turns funny, romantic and tragic, CRD is a film tuned to the pitch of the ar­­tist's heart."  
- LA Weekly

"CRD, An Ethereal Exercise In Art"  
- ScreenAnarchy

“Subversive & fearless, Kanadé breaks all rules of filmmaking in creating CRD, which boldly goes where no Indian film has gone before.” ­­
- Namrata Joshi, The Hindu

“CRD is path-breaking! Classy & magnificently inventive! Unlike any seen in years.”
- Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV

“Outstanding, Superb!”
- Nandini Ramnath, Scroll

“Masterful, Sharp & Infectious!”
- Trisha Gupta, Firstpost

“Hypnotic! Inner-body experience.”
- Rahul Desai, Film Companion

Here is CRD Official Trailer and CRD FB Page with Interviews etc.

Kranti’s other film ‘GANDHI OF THE MONTH’ stars the legendary Harvey Keitel (Reservoir Dogs, Taxi Driver, Youth). His children’s film MAHEK won awards around the world in festivals and CHAITRA won five National Film Awards being India’s official entry to the Student Academy Awards. He studied at UCLA and FTII.

Kranti is also an Entrepreneur, a Tree planter who has planted more than 7000 trees and has helped rehabilitate more than 300 destitute children.